Broadband Assessment - Step 1 | Speed Test

The first step in our assessment is to understand what your current broadband capabilities are at your home or business. To complete this step, simply click the GO button below if you are at your home or business. Please make sure to close any other open browser tabs and that no one else is using your service to ensure the most accurate measurement.

NOTE: Please do not take this Speed Test from a mobile device or if you are in a location other than your home or business.

This test will measure both upload and download speeds from your current location. There is no personally identifiable information associated with this test. When the speed test is complete, you will see some graphs on your screen as well as a big circle that invites you to take the test again. However, for the purposes of our survey, do not repeat the test - instead click the button at the bottom of the page to continue. When you execute this test, the closest participating server is chosen and will be indicated on the screen.